Life is made of ups and downs. There are many struggles to face, but also things that drive us: hopes, dreams, expectations, goals.
As we grow older, we realize that things may not always end up the way we wish they would. Is it because our ambitions are too unrealistic, or is it because we just give up too easily?

Author Sandra Yeow is here to tell you that being motivated to overcome difficulties matters with her book Obstinacy Power. Through her sheer determination, Sandra managed to leave a difficult background behind and succeeded in many challenges and business ventures, empowering herself through perseverance and dedication.

Sandra's book is all about helping readers develop winning strategies to reach their dreams and goals, achieving the happiness and fulfillment they deserve. Sandra ended up winning a car and overcoming her roots of poverty. Are you ready to discover what you can accomplish?

Learn How To...

Achieve your dreams and goals by using Sandra Yeow’s proven strategies.

In These Pages You Will Uncover...

Master Sandra’s Obstinacy strategy to win your Life Back!
Discover the fine line between being obstinate and being determined.

Set your goals right
Gain focus
Train your mind

Learn how Sandra applied her strategies to win a car, and apply the strategies to:

Win your fitness
Win in your career
Win in your business
Win in a relationship
Win in your health

"Obstinacy Power: How Determination Can Empower You and Make You a Winner is a book focusing on the power within people. This book talks about the courage to admit that we are not happy and what strategies to use to understand and overcome that. It highlights a journey of personal development in identifying what we really want in life."

Claire Chiang Advisor, Women Entrepreneurs’ Club (WE Club) Co-Founder of Banyan Tree Holdings Limited

“Truly proud of Sandra, who has demonstrated how determination plus perseverance can empower anyone to emerge as a winner. A compelling read not only for budding entrepreneurs, but also for anyone who wants to overcome challenges.”

—Lee Youn Kay  Director of Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Engineering


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“The experience described in this book comes from a lady who has persevered through tough times and achieved what others deem impossible. Sandra’s character can be seen in this book, and I believe her direction can help you to succeed while staying grounded. It is definitely a must-read.”

—Louis Ng Founder and Chief Executive, ACRES

“To anyone who thinks that dire circumstances will prevent you from achieving your dreams, Sandra Yeow certainly proves this wrong: Rising above the toughest of times, Sandra has achieved the impossible with the strategies she outlines in Obstinacy Power—a book that is all about heart, determination and dreaming. Read this from cover to cover to win at both business and life.”

—Gerry Robert Speaker and international bestselling author of The Millionaire Mindset, Multiply Your Business and Publish a Book & Grow Rich

“I want to congratulate Sandra for her very straightforward ideas that can help anyone. Well done!”

—Scott mcCrady Sonicwall Vice-President for Asia Pacific and Japan

“A good read for anyone who wants to get on in business.”

—Elim Chew Founder, 77th StreetCo-Founder, FastFast and ElimchewTV

“A must-read for anyone who wants to get on in business. Obstinacy Power cuts straight to the chase on what you need to do to make the most of the opportunities that come your way.” —Adrian Peh CEO, Synergy Financial Advisers Pte Ltd